Payroll Giving

A regular donation to the Animal Cancer Trust via Payroll Giving will help us plan more effectively for the future.

Giving directly through your pay means that your donation is completely tax-free as it is donated directly from your salary before tax is deducted.

Because all ‘Give As You Earn’ donations are tax-free it actually costs you less to give.

The table shows exactly how much the tax benefits are.

Your donation to charity (gross) Cost to you @ 22% tax (net) Cost to you @ 40% tax (net) Value of Donation
£5.00 £4.00 £3.00 £5.00
£10.00 £8.00 £6.00 £10.00
£20.00 £16.00 £12.00 £2000
£50.00 £40.00 £30.00 £50.00

You can donate through payroll if your pay or pension is taxed through PAYE and your employer offers the scheme. Ask your employer’s personnel department if they are registered for payroll giving.

Further information can be found on

If your employer does not offer the scheme or you would prefer to make your own arrangements, you can do this through the Charities’ Aid Foundation (CAF).