Our Vision

Our Vision is a world where pet owners and vets have access to reliable, up to date information so that an early and accurate cancer diagnosis can be made, effective treatments considered, and a realistic prognosis given. 

Our Mission

Our Mission is to fulfil our vision by making sure that a cancer diagnosis carries with it the possibility of living with one of the most manageable of all the chronic diseases.  We achieve our mission through our aims of education, research and treatment. 

Our Values

Our Values determine our priorities and the way we aim to work. 

Regular communication and working in partnership with other organisations, pet owners and animal health professionals is essential in achieving our mission. With good teamwork we aim to communicate via social media, our website and by face to face interactions with pet owners and animal health professionals.

We respect the feelings of pet owners and provide trustworthy information that we communicate in an honest and open way. We aim to promote ethical research to ensure the information we share is accurate and up to date.

By sharing information within the pet community, we can help to empower both pet owners and animal health professionals, and by sharing success stories inspire them to remain optimistic rather than assuming a cancer diagnosis equals a death sentence.

Friends Remembered
Survivors Celebrated

Its #NationalPetWeek so we'd thought we would share some facts.
The number of pets diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime has been
estimated to be as high as 1 in 3 dogs and 1 in 4 cats.
We don’t want to hit you with depressing statistics

This is another THANK YOU post
Michael did his 30 hour streaming from 9am Friday through to 3pm on Saturday, for this he has so far raised £1,158 for us in memory of his dog Yaya
Video link under pic
#THANKYOU #fightingcancerinourpets #dogcancer #petcancer #supportoursupporters

Another THANK YOU post, this time its for Lee Green who has raised £155 for us in memory of his lovely cat Bramble, She was the light in an otherwise dim world and made Lee feel happy at the darkest moments. she was healthy for a cat of 16 until she was diagnosed with cancer

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