Blanka’s head shave fundraiser

Blanka knows exactly how devastating it is to be a pet owner who loses their dog and best friend to cancer and this is what has given her the drive to fundraise for the ACT.

On 14th January 2021 she parted with something that she really loved…her hair and there was lots of it!!

By braving the shave she raised a fabulous £240 for the ACT.


Glyn’s row for dough

On 9th February 2020 Glyn said goodbye to his dog Scamp. He didn’t have time to prepare for the loss of his best friend as unfortunately the cancer was so advanced that Scamp was diagnosed and put to sleep on the same day.

Glyn wanted to do something to help other animals in a similar situation so he decided to undertake an tremendous physical challenge by completing 12 x 1 hour rows over the course of 24 hours, the equivalent of rowing 3 marathons in 24 hours!!

Glyn completed his challenge in September 2020 and raised an incredible £2,450 for the ACT.


Kate’s skydive

Kate’s beautiful dog, Simba, lost his battle with lymphoma on 13th September 2020. Kate decided to do something to raise funds for the ACT to help animals fight against cancer.

Not content with something down to earth and despite being petrified of heights Kate will be jumping out of a plane at 15,000ft (yes that is 15,000), the highest tandem skydive in the UK.

Unfortunately, the first planned date was cancelled due to Covid restrictions and the second due to mechanical work on the plane.

We hope for the sake of Kate’s nerves that a new date will go ahead early 2021, if you would like to support Kate her fundraising page is…….

We look forward to reporting on a safe landing with lots of photos.


Sean’s longest day golf challenge

Sean participates in the Longest Day Golf Challenge each year, playing 72 holes of golf in one day. For the 2021 challenge he has chosen to fundraise for the Animal Cancer Trust.

Sean’s whole family were recently devastated by the loss of Digger, a 13 year old Old English Sheepdog, although he was owned by Sean’s sister in law he was an integral part of the family and they all loved him dearly.

The challenge is taking place in July at Windermere golf Club in Cumbria where the club and members will be supporting Sean in his aim to not only raise money but also awareness of animal cancer and the work of the ACT.

We look forward to giving everyone updates and publishing Sean’s fundraising page in early 2021.