Friends Remembered



Chudley was a seven year old big softy who loved to cuddle up at the end of the day under a blanket on the sofa. When the sun was shining, she would find the perfect spot to sunbathe and enjoyed being surrounded by the comforts of home; a soft bed, plenty of teddy bears, balls to chase and treats.
In 2019 Chudley had 3 surgeries to remove a mast cell tumour in her chest, after the final surgery the vets were confident they had removed all of the tumour.

In March 2020 she had the first signs that something wasn’t right with sneezing fits which progressed to nose bleeds, she also developed 2 lumps on her head. After several trips to the vet and x-rays she was given an MRI which sadly showed that she had nasal cancer. The tumour had spread to the skull and was untreatable.

Her heartbroken mum and dad made the difficult decision to have her put to sleep before the cancer reached her brain and on the way to the vets they gave her a final farewell of Mcdonalds chicken nuggets and home cooked bacon.



Digger was a beautiful Old English Sheepdog who had been with his family since he was an 8 week old puppy and although he lived with his mum and dad he was loved by so many people.

In the autumn of 2020, Digger was diagnosed with untreatable cancerous tumours on his lungs. His family knew he wouldn’t be with them for long but they had hoped that he would get to spend one final Christmas with them.

Unfortunately, at the age of 13, Digger lost his battle at the end of November.



Honey was a miniature smooth haired Dachshund, in a stunning shade of red. Her owner was just 6 years old when Honey joined the family, they spent an incredible 15 years together playing fetch and cuddling at night. For some reason Honey never managed to bark but would squeak and pass wind at the same time – her owner says this was both embarrassing and hilarious at the same time!

Honey died in July 2020 from oral melanoma, she left behind a lifetime of happy memories for her best friend.



Hufflepuff was an African Pygmy Hedgehog, her owner’s first ever exotic animal. In the evenings she would spend time in a playpen but her toys were not as much fun as charging at the cats who were daft enough to keep jumping in her pen!
Puff was only 7 months old when she started losing blood on Christmas Eve, two days later an exotic vet told her owners that she could feel a mass and it was most likely a uterine tumour.

Puff was put to sleep on Boxing Day 2017.