CEO Message

A message from the Chief Executive, Vicki J Adams

November 2020

After several years of very hard work to raise the profile of the Animal Cancer Trust, we are now in a position where we are finding it difficult to keep up with communications. We are actively seeking new volunteers to help us.  

The Board of Directors has undergone a major change and this is reflected in the launch of our new website. We have recruited some new and enthusiastic Trustees. We are still looking for additional Trustees with business management, fundraising and marketing experience to help us grow while remaining financially sustainable. 

As always, we welcome anyone who would like to help us through fund raising or volunteering at eventscontact us here.

Acting Chief Executive, Vicki J Adams
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The charity is now in a position to start carrying out active research into cancer in animals. We are starting with a two-part survey to be completed online by members of the public that is due to be launched in early December and this will run for several months to collect information from past and current pet owners about their understanding of cancer in animals. 

The first part of this survey will ask the public a short series of questions which will end with a question about participating in another somewhat longer survey about their experience with cancer in one of their own pets. The second part of this survey will be launched in the spring and will also run for several months. 

We are also planning to follow on from the first survey of the public with a project that involves first opinion vet practices; this will include a pre-study survey of first opinion vet practices to be followed by a short education campaign and then a post-education survey to measure any changes in how they are approaching cancer in their practices. 

We wish to use the results of these surveys to help us acquire research funding to do some cancer-specific research such as a studies of prognostic markers in naturally occurring cases of canine mast cell tumours, canine lymphoma and feline lymphoma.