Cancer Alert Practice (CAP)
Member Benefits

Member Benefits

Veterinary staff of member practices will have access to a dedicated members’ section, accessed via a secure log-in, containing up to date and accurate information on:

  • Diagnosis of specific types of cancer
  • Treatment options available including approximate costs and locations of referral practices
  • Prognosis via critical appraisal of published research
  • How to safely do chemotherapy in first opinion practice
  • How to approach carrying out clinical research in practice


Vets will also have access to advice from oncology specialists in the form of our trustees.

This is our first campaign to involve and work with first opinion veterinary practices.

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We had planned to launch CAP at the 30th BSAVA Congress in April, followed by attending the BVNA Congress in October and the London Vet Show in November, but the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a delay in the launch of this important campaign.

We are currently considering how we can launch this campaign at the BSAVA Congress in 2021.