About Us

What we do

Our pets are living longer, partly due to improved nutrition and easier access to veterinary care.  As a result, more pets and their owners are being affected by cancer.

The ACT’s focus has always been on education, providing reliable and up to date information along with support on the diagnosis and treatment of cancer in animals to veterinary professionals and pet owners.

Compared to Cancer Research UK and MacMillan Cancer Support for people, the veterinary field is substantially behind in providing the support needed by owners when dealing with a diagnosis of cancer in their pets.

There are a lot of new developments in cancer diagnosis and treatment and the work of ACT seeks to overcome the difficulties faced by owners and vets in accessing current information and research that can help in decision making.

Our work also includes research and providing information on the prevention of cancer in animals, as they are exposed to many of the same risk factors as humans.

Although our current geographical boundaries are confined to the UK, there is future potential for working with charities, research facilities and veterinary professionals based in other countries.

How we connect

The ACT attempts to address the needs of pet owners and veterinary surgeons by providing information via the website, social media, e-mail, telephone and post.

While we most frequently support adult owners of pets, children can also be helped by our services to better understand what happens when their pet gets cancer.

The new Cancer Alert Practice (CAP) campaign will bring more vets, nurses and practice support staff into our family and opportunities to connect through first opinion practices.

The ACT attends many shows and events every year to increase awareness of the charity, raise its profile and to assist with fundraising.

When at shows, we have a variety of activities to encourage people to come and talk to us, including:

  • hand puppets that both children and adults can play with. We also stock and sell both hand puppets and soft toys made by the Puppet Company.
  • a table for some mindful colouring and at many shows run a colouring competition for children.
  • We also have word search and crossword puzzles that help us with education about cancer.


While the COVID-19 pandemic has brought our attendance at events to a halt, we hope that this is just temporary and we look forward to being able to start attending shows and conferences again in the future.