Our Aims and Goals


Our Aims

  • Provide education and information that help owners, the veterinary profession and all who care for our pets understand more about cancer and what treatments are possible. 
  • Facilitate ethical research to improve our understanding and treatment of cancer. 
  • Work with partners, at home and abroad, to pursue the fight against cancer in our pets. 

New Website and CAP

  • Provide informative, independent and educational material to pet owners
  • Provide a resource for owners looking for oncology services for their pets
  • Educate and inform professionals on topics associated with cancer in pets 
  • Ensure our activities are sustainable by generating sufficient income to support them 

Our Goals

  • Support owners dealing with cancer in their pets throughout the whole journey
  • Equip veterinary professionals to ensure they can provide optimum support to patients and their owners through the Cancer Alert Practice (CAP) scheme 

December 2020

We will be launching a survey to gain information about what pet owners understand about cancer in pets. In the longer term, we plan to develop research and treatment strategies to ensure that veterinary oncology continues to deliver state of the art options for pets with cancer.