Fighting Cancer in our Pets

Our Vision

Our Vision is a world where pet owners and vets have access to reliable, up to date information so that an early and accurate cancer diagnosis can be made, effective treatments considered, and a realistic prognosis given. 

Our Mission

Our Mission is to fulfil our vision by making sure that a cancer diagnosis carries with it the possibility of living with one of the most manageable of all the chronic diseases.  We achieve our mission through our aims of education, research and treatment. 

Our Goals

Our goals are to support owners dealing with cancer in their pets throughout the whole journey and to equip veterinary professionals to ensure they can provide optimum support to patients and their owners through the Cancer Alert Practice (CAP) scheme.


Our Values

Regular communication and working in partnership with other organisations, pet owners and animal health professionals is essential in achieving our mission. With good teamwork we aim to communicate via social media, our website and by face to face interactions with pet owners and animal health professionals.

We respect the feelings of pet owners and provide trustworthy information that we communicate in an honest and open way. We aim to promote ethical research to ensure the information we share is accurate and up to date.

By sharing information within the pet community, we can help to empower both pet owners and animal health professionals, and by sharing success stories inspire them to remain optimistic rather than assuming a cancer diagnosis equals a death sentence.


Friend remembered.


Friend remembered.


Survivor celebrated.


Survivor celebrated.

Could you please help the Animal Cancer Trust gather much needed data with their survey? Responses will enable the charity, and in the future vets, better support owners of pets diagnosed with cancer

Warning this post contains amazing news!!

Our new website is officially live, visit us at to check it out!

We're all very excited because our new website is nearly ready to go live!!
While the switch over happens our old website will be off-line but we won't so if you need us please use our email

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Animal Cancer Trust

1 week 4 days ago

SHE BRAVED THE SHAVE!! Blanka very bravely had her head shaved today to raise funds for the ACT! There are more photos and a video

Animal Cancer Trust

1 week 4 days ago

Our wonderful supporter Blanka hasn't let lockdown stop her fundraiser for the ACT Later today she will be shaving her head all for animal cancer!!